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I've spent A LOT of time searching for these two major settings. These are some of the things I've translated from German and some poorly written English translations. You won't find an easier procedure ANYWHERE! Think of it as "Russian Bikes for Dummies".



Setting Valves on a Sidevalve bike (K-750, M-72, CJ-750).

1. Turn the kicker until the INTAKE valve is completely closed.
A gap must be visible (or "feelered") between the valve and the lifter.
Set the gap on the EXHAUST valve to .010”-.015”.
2. Turn the kicker until the exact moment the EXHAUST valve begins to
lift. Set the gap on the INTAKE valve to .005”-.010”.

Setting K-301 Carbs.

1. Warm up engine. Kill one cylinder, set the carb on the other cylinder.
2. Loosen the carb neck screws so that there is slack between the end
of the cable casing and the carb neck.
3. Loosen the jamnuts on the HORIZONTAL (mixture) and DIAGONAL (slide lift) adjustments.
4. Screw the HORIZONTAL screw all the way in.
5. Set the DIAGONAL screw for minimum steady operation.
6. Adjust the HORIZONTAL screw for maximum engine speed.
7. Set the DIAGONAL screw for minimum steady operation again by backing it out.
8. Tighten jamnuts.
9. Repeat for the other side.
10. Note differences in engine speeds when operating on single cylinders.
Adjust the DIAGONAL screws for balance.
11. Tighten jamnuts.
12. Take slack out of the cables by adjusting the carb neck screws and
ensure uniform slide lift then tighten the jamnuts.

Setting K-301 carbs.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This simple procedure will get you in the neighborhood of peak K-301 performance. (Well, maybe not, but it'll at least get your bike running, that I promise. I'm a mechanical idiot, but even I got my machine running reasonably well in 15-20 minutes.)